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Cartier Santos

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Vintage Cartier Santos(es) are having a major moment right now. Take a look at Lou Reed in the ‘80s or Jerry Seinfeld in the ‘90s, and you can begin to understand how cool the watch looks no matter what kind of fits you style it with. Oh, you know who else has a vintage Santos? Rihanna. She wears hers to the grocery store. It’s a versatile, everyday watch – an eye-catching alternative to the classic Tank.



MATERIAL: Steel and Yellow Gold 

SIZE: MM aka mid-sized 


CONDITION: Excellent, unpolished



A stainless steel and eighteen carat gold Cartier Santos. Perhaps alongside the Tank, the Santos is the most iconic of all Cartier watch designs. Not only is it very distinctive on the eye, it also carries the title of the first men’s wristwatch ever made.  A relationship between the Brazilian early aviator Santos Dumont and Louis Cartier lead to the creation of the watch that bore his name. After complaining to Louis Cartier about how difficult it was to wear a pocket watch while trying to fly, Cartier came up with a solution for his intrepid Brazilian friend. And so, the Cartier Santos was born. The November 1906 dilm which shows Santos’s 21.5 seconds of flight also features the first wristwatch hard at work!

This model, which became a more sporty example that this original version, launched in 1978 hot on the heels of the introduction of the Royal Oak and Nautilus and was Cartier’s attempt to keep up with their rivals. This watch, in this form, the two tone version, went on to become one of the most legendary watches of the 1980s. The wrist of Gordon Gekko would not have sported anything else.

The watch is powered by the Cartier quartz movement. It has the classic design with the screw down crystal frame and bracelet set with screw designs. The dial is both classic Cartier, but different. The Roman numerals are there, but only 12, 3 and 9.  The blued steel hands are present. But, instead of being the white dial with black numerals, this time the dial is a smokey grey with a navy blue printed chapter ring and numerals. The date window on this model is set at 6 o'clock and can be quick set through the crown, off which is set with the iconic sapphire set into it. The watch is presented in excellent condition, quite possibly unpolished, with strong lines and clean throughout. A great play on the oldest men’s watch of them all!

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